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Two found dead in condemned house fire

An investigation continues after two people were found dead in a Morgantown house fire Wednesday morning.

According to a press release sent by the Morgantown Fire Department on Wednesday afternoon, firefighters were dispatched to 727 Wells St. at around 8:26 a.m. after a 911 call indicated the house was engulfed in smoke. 

Firefighters on the first engine to arrive at the scene observed heavy smoke consuming the property and fire emanating from the basement and first floor of the structure. 

The fire was quickly extinguished with no reported difficulties aside from a minor injury sustained by one of the firefighters while establishing a water supply from a fire hydrant.

The 727 Wells St. property has been vacant and condemned since a gas explosion occurred there on Sept. 6, 2023. A WVU student later died as a result of injuries suffered in that explosion. 

Once Wednesday’s fire was under control, firefighters searched the building and discovered two dead bodies inside.

At this time, it is unclear who the victims are, why they were in the residence that had been deemed uninhabitable, and if their deaths were a result of the fire or if other factors contributed. 

According to MFD Captain Jason Quinn, the cause of death is still under investigation as well as what caused the fire. 

The firefighter who was hurt was assessed and treated on scene by Monongalia EMS and quickly able to return to work. 

Along with firefighters, detectives from the Morgantown Police Department, Monongalia EMS, and West Virginia state fire marshal personnel assisted on the scene.