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BC MaC brings its fusion food downtown with fresh spot on Pleasant Street

The restaurant BC MaC has undergone a substantial transformation since it first opened in 2020. Formerly located on Stewartstown Road under the ownership of Marty Biafora, the menu centered around jerk chicken, featuring a style of cooking that originated in Jamaica.

Travis Morris and John Evans took the reins in November 2021, infusing Appalachian barbecue into the menu while retaining many of the Jamaican dishes it originally became known for. This magical fusion of flavors drew a crowd to the “shack” on Stewartstown Road. “This food was so good I had an out-of-body experience,” reads a Google review by patron Eric Snyder.

With a passion for home cooking and over a decade of experience in the food industry, Morris and Evans rub and smoke the meats in-house, topping them with signature sauces and offering various sides to choose from. The six-cheese macaroni and cheese with protein and toppings is a popular choice, and the ghost pepper mac is sure to lure those who appreciate foods on the spicier side of the spectrum. The menu also makes room for sandwiches, ranging from simple-yet-delicious pulled pork to the more inventive peach chipotle brisket.

Last November, just over two years after first acquiring the restaurant, the ownership team shuttered the Stewartstown Road location as they prepared to move the business to downtown Morgantown. They found a new spot at 137 Pleasant St., next to music venue 123 Pleasant Street. While finalizing reopening plans, the team occasionally served up BC’s signature foods at neighboring businesses. After a long winter of hard work (and eager anticipation by the hungry and devoted barbecue fans), the restaurant will reopen today.

Patrons should keep in mind that, as with the previous location, there will be no dine-in seating. BC MaC provides take-out, delivery and catering options. Orders can be placed at or by calling 304-599-5375.

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