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March 10 letters to the editor

MHS alumni support auditorium renovation

As proud alumni of Morgantown High, we applaud the MHS Foundation for spearheading a renovation project for the school’s auditorium. As some are aware, the condition of the auditorium has deteriorated to the point that MHS has not had a proper performing space for many years. The current drama teacher has had to use the Metropolitan Theatre for 14 musicals during her 18 years at the helm of the drama department. Mohigan Idol, which began in 2008 and is sponsored by the school’s Student Council to raise money for WVU Medicine Children’s, has been using the Met for the past 11 years.

While the building of MHS opened in 1927, the auditorium was added in 1939. At the dedication ceremony May 25, 1940, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the space “not only as a student center, but as a meeting place for all members of the community to discuss the important problems of government.”

The current student body voted for the slogan, MHS Auditorium: A Stage of Excellence, for this renovation endeavor. Just think, when the current freshmen class graduates in 2027, MHS will turn 100 years old! Wouldn’t a new auditorium be a great gift for these graduates and everyone in the Morgantown community?

Once the fundraising campaign begins, we encourage everyone to support it. Let’s help to bring this venue back to its glory, just as Eleanor Roosevelt saw it in 1940!

Alicia West Fancher
On behalf of MHS Class of 1996 and Class of 1966

Nonprofit fixing Mon County one pet at a time

Mountaineer Spay Neuter Assistance Program (M-SNAP) just concluded our 2024 World Spay Month activities with two events held on Feb 26 and 27 at SNIP WV, the high-yield, low-cost clinic located in Sabraton (DP-2-28-24). A total of 25 dogs were spayed or neutered on Feb. 26, and 47 cats were fixed on Feb. 27. In addition, M-SNAP Community Cat vouchers were used to spay or neuter 48 stray/feral cats; most of the females were pregnant.

Another activity for the month was delivering a small thank you gift to 256 employees of the local vet clinics that accept our vouchers. Special thanks to Eat ‘n Park, Town Center & Patteson Drive Wendy’s, Suncrest & Town Center BWW, Five Guys, Los Mariachis, Pies & Pints, Primanti Bros, Texas Road House, Tazikis, Greenbag Giant Eagle and ReTails, our special thrift store located in the Westover Morgantown Mall.

Finally, a special thank you to our wonderful volunteers who make it possible to fix almost 1,000 animals every year in Mon County and to the responsible pet owners who choose to either pay for the surgeries themselves or to seek help from the many programs that provide financial assistance for spay and neuter surgery. Either way, you are helping reduce pet overpopulation and eliminating the use of euthanasia for animal control, plus your pets will be happier and healthier, too.

Call 304-985-0123 or visit www.m-snap.org to learn more about M-SNAP and how you can help.

Nancy Young 

Hoppy sums up why vaccines are essential

The vaccination controversy in our Legislature was cogently, succinctly and academically evaluated by a nonmedically trained journalist, Hoppy Kercheval, in his column “House of Delegates rolls back the clock on life-saving vaccinations” (Feb. 27, 2024).

As a retired physician, I do not think a medical professional could have provided a better discussion.

The world has seen the elimination of small pox, and the reduction and almost eradication of polio and measles with the help of our vaccination programs in schools. Hiding behind a religious or parental exemption of the uninformed, as Mr. Kercheval suggests, only endangers our children.

I had hoped, medically and personally, to see more significant advances in cancer and Alzheimer’s research, knowing that there will never be a cure for ignorance.

Bruce Berry