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Commission discusses concerns about courthouse

KINGWOOD — The Preston County courthouse was once again a point of discussion during a Tuesday meeting of the Preston County Commission.

Water was found on the ground floor, which was causing damage to the building.

Commissioner Hunter Thomas suggested consulting with the county’s architects from the Mills Group. He said he believed it was important that the external repair to the foundation take place as soon as possible.

Commission President Don Smith agreed, saying that repairing the outside of the building was most important.

“Repairing the outside will increase mold on the inside,” Commissioner Samantha Stone said. “It will cut off the airflow.”

No action was taken pending further information about the problem.

The present courthouse has served the residents of Preston County for 89 years. It replaced a brick courthouse that was torn down in 1933. The sandstone for its facades was quarried locally, and the final cost of constructing it was $113,500.19. It was dedicated on Aug. 25, 1934.

In other business, Susan Ringer updated commissioners about the local farmers market, and asked permission to hold the event on the McGrew Property. Ringer told commissioners this year the group wanted to begin the event on May 18 and carry it over until Oct. 26.

“We have a lot of sellers that bring items to the market that’s not weather-related, like beef,” she said.

Smith asked Ringer to submit a letter or an email with the dates the market would run. He said once the information was received the commission would vote on it.

Angie Pase, development director of the Tucker Community Foundation “Run for It,” asked commissioners if they would once again provide $3,000 in support.

The program, inspired by the 1985 flood, brought together a group of individuals aiming to create a local philanthropic organization to create resources and benefits for communities in Barbour, Grant, Mineral, Pocahontas, Preston, Randolph and tucker counties in West Virginia and Garrett County, Md. Last year, Preston County teams raised $10,232 for the organizations they ran for.

Preston County Teams that have participated over the past five years to raise funds for local charities and schools include: After School Explorers, Arthurdale Heritage Inc., Aurora Area Historical Society, Aurora Cross Country, Aurora School Runs, Friends of the Cheat, Jacob’s Ladder Joggers, Kingwood Elementary School Stags, Preston County Humane Society, Preston County Parks and Recreation, Preston Community Fund runners, Preston Taylor Health Center, Queens for Awareness, Rowlesburg Runners and The Aurora Project.

For more information about the Tucker Community Foundation and Run for It, go to tuckerfounda