West Virginia Legislature

A sampling of bills introduced Tuesday, Feb. 13

MORGANTOWN – Here is a sampling of bills introduced Tuesday, Feb. 13. Local sponsors and cosponsors are noted. This was the last day to introduce bills in the House but does not apply to originating or supplementary appropriation bills, or to resolutions.

  • SB 761, to require county school boards to publish an annual list of buildings that are closed, unused, or unoccupied for purposes of providing greater access to charter schools.
  • SB 769, to prohibit medical providers from performing pelvic, prostate, rectal, and breast exams on an anesthetized or unconscious patient except in specific circumstances.
  • HB 4004, upon release from incarceration for a felony conviction either through pardon, parole, probation, or completion of sentence, a person shall be eligible to register to vote, and to vote.
  • HB 5650, to permit a suspended employee who presents no clear and present danger of disruption, disorder, riot, or an immediate threat to public safety, to attend public events on school property while serving their suspension; and permitting the suspended employee who has children or grandchildren attending the school to exercise normal functions of a parent or guardian with regards to the school while suspended. Delegate Joe Statler, R-Monongalia, co-sponsor.
  • HB 5654, to ensure that GED training is offered to inmates on a timely basis and to ensure that it is meaningfully available at the time of parole or release.
  • HB 5664, to establish the Mountaineer Scholars Grant Program, which would provide a $100 grant to each child born in West Virginia to establish a qualified higher education savings program account through the West Virginia state treasurer’s office. Delegates Mike DeVault, Phil Mallow, both R-Marion, co-sponsors.
  • HB 5687, to establish the West Virginia School Patrol Canine Program, for the purpose of placing patrol dogs in state schools to enhance security and aid in drug detection. Delegate Debbie Warner, R-Monongalia, sponsor.