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A sampling of bills introduced Monday, Feb. 12

MORGANTOWN — Here is a sampling of bills introduced Monday, Feb. 12. Local sponsors and co-sponsors are noted.

  • SB 744, to prohibit civil rights violations based on disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • SB 745, to limit the price of prescription drugs to West Virginians over 60 to the lowest price that drug is available in the United States.
  • SB 755, to provide safeguards when retail sellers engage in online delivery sales of tobacco products, tobacco-derived products, or vapor products via online certification and to further permit retail sellers to engage third-party remote delivery services to carry out delivery sales to consumers. Sen. Mike Caputo, D-Marion, co-sponsor.
  • SB 756, to provide state mine inspectors with a $4,000 raise. Caputo, lead sponsor; Sen. Randy Smith, R-Tucker, co-sponsor.
  • HB 5572, to prohibit cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms of foster homes and provide for exemptions.
  • HB 5590, to change the “Curator” of the Department of Arts, Culture, and History to the “Cabinet Secretary” of the Department of Arts, Culture, and History; governor’s bill.
  • HB 5638, to add Juneteenth to the list of legal state holidays and describing when it should be observed if it falls on a Sunday. Delegate Evan Hansen, D-Monongalia, co-sponsor.

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