West Virginia governor

A sampling of bills introduced Friday, Feb. 2

MORGANTOWN – Here is a sampling of bills introduced Friday, Feb. 2. Local sponsors and cosponsors are noted.

  • SB 618, to authorize the Division of Forestry to administer the Carbon Exchange Program.
  • SB 620, the West Virginia Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support Program, to provide pregnancy help centers greater flexibility to receive funding for items such as capital expenditures and training. Sen. Jay Taylor, R-Taylor, co-sponsor.
  • SB 624, to authorize cancellation of voter registration records for individuals no longer West Virginia citizens and have obtained a driver’s license in another state.
  • SB 625, to prohibit the acceptance of illegal ballots cast in any election and to provide criminal penalties for intentionally and knowingly accepting an absentee ballot that does not comply with state requirements for absentee voting.
  • Hb 5422, to require the Public Service Commission to adopt a rule mandating electric utilities to provide full retail credit to customer-generators for electricity delivered to utility under net metering arrangement; and requiring commission to consider increasing allowed kilowatt capacity for commercial customer-generators.
  • HB 5423, to prohibit a cognitively impaired or mentally defective person from being forced to testify in open court, and to increase the penalty for sexual assault of a mentally defective or mentally incapacitated person.
  • HB 5434, to provide employees working for the Division of Highways with locality pay for working in certain jurisdictions. Delegate John Williams, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegates Evan Hansen, Anitra Hamilton, D-Monongalia, Joey Garcia, D-Marion, Joe Statler, Debbie Warner, Geno Chiarelli, R-Monongalia, co-sponsors.