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Kids’ knowledge on display at science fair

KINGWOOD — The Preston County Science Fair for students in grades 5 and 7 and high school was held recently at the Kingwood Community Building.

Jennifer Spiker, a teacher at Preston High School, said each student chose his or her own project from a variety of categories. There were three divisions and 80 projects on display to be judged.

Debra Zigray, a 4th grade teacher at Kingwood Elementary School and science fair coordinator, also oversees the Social Studies Fair and Math Field Day.

Winners in Division I

Animal Science:

  • First place — Scarlett Hayes, Which Dog Treats Dogs Like Most? — Central Preston.
  • Second place — Lylah Nestor, Yikes … Dog Kisses?! — South Preston.
  • Third place — Josephine Johannsen, Incubation Exploration — Bruceton.


  • Second place — Trenton McCormick and Jacob Delaney, POP! — Terra Alta/East Preston.
  • Third Place — Willow Trujillo Knotts, Milk Art — Bruceton.

Earth & Environmental Science:

  • First place — Jacob Heubi, Soil Erosion in Motion — Bruceton.
  • Second place — Wyatt Layman, Will the Egg Sink or Float? — Terra Alta/East Preston.
  • Third place — McKinzie Pyles, The Life of a Honey Bee — South Preston.


  • First place — Emma Goodrich, Sparks From a Spud — Central Preston.
  • Second place — Gabe Weaver, Melting Ice — South Preston.
  • Third place — Chase James and Jerrick Pifer, My Cup is Cooler Than Yours — South Preston.


  • Second place — Adrienne Bernatowicz and Katelyn Kelly, Egg-excellent Domes — Central Preston.

Material Science:

  • First place — Olivia Simmons, The Great Debate — Aurora.
  • Second place — Elizabeth Yates, Does Bum Brand Matter? — Central Preston.

Math & Data:

  • First place — Emma Moats & Harper Wilt, Let’s Pop It Out — Aurora.

Medical Science:

  • Third place — Ava Myers, Don’t Forget to Brush Your Egg — South Preston.

Physics and Astronomy:

  • Third place — Owen See, Paper Airplanes — Terra Alta/East Preston.

Plant Science:

  • First place, Storm Gower and Mason Cox, Soil is the Soul of a Plant — South Preston.
  • Second place — John Bragg and Alex Snyder, What Brand Leaves the Least Kernels? — South Preston.
  • Third place — Charlotte Everd and Allison Fansler, Plant Growth — Bruceton.

Division II

Animal Science:

  • First place — Judah Cathell and Quentin Cathell, Plan Bee: The Hive Mind — South Preston.
  • Second place — Juliana Bright, Soda Color and Enamel Erosion — Bruceton.


  • First place – Kylee Barr and Aubrey Welch What’s on the Surface? — Central Preston.
  • Second place — Colleen Hart and Lily Shrout, Which Will Cause a Bigger Explosion in Diet Coke? — West Preston.

Earth & Environmental Science:

  • First place — Madilyn Livengood, PH Power — Aurora.
  • Second place — McKenzie Cogar and Kailey Rodeheaver, Microplastics Cleaning — Terra Alta/East Preston.


  • First place — Reese Stratton, So Attractive — Central Preston.


  • First place — John Grosso, Strength Testing 3-D Printed Beam — West Preston.
  • Third place — Ashton Harsh, Light the Bright — Aurora.

Material Science:

  • First place — Katelyn Gribble, Milk Plastic — It’s Fantastic! — South Preston.
  • Second place — Aubrey Morris and Madison Dumire, Might or Meager — Aurora.
  • Third place — RJ Wolfe and Isaiah Nelson, Light it up — South Preston.

Math and Data:

  • First place — Branson Roth, Popcorn — Aurora.

Physics & Astronomy:

  • Third place — Sophia Stephens and Shasta Bowman How Does Distance and Atmosphere Affect Planet Temperature? — Terra Alta/East Preston.

Technology & Systems:

  • First place — Rylan Rhodes and Bella Bolyard, Robots — South Preston.

Division III

All of these students come from PHS.

Animal Science:

  • First place — Donald Parks, Effect off Artificial Light on Egg Production.
  • Third place — Hanna Wolfe, Invasion of the Worm.

Behavioral & Social Sciences:

  • First place — Keiara Johnston, Who Remembers?
  • Second place — Wyatt Braham, Curled Colors.
  • Third place — Sophia Satterfield, Music vs. Memory.
  • Honorable Mention — Mariah Titchenell, Can Essential Oils Reduce Your Stress Level?


  • First place — Caralie Fultz, Is Butter Better?

Biomedical & Health Science:

  • First place — Levi Yoder, How Age Effects Dexterity.

Cellular & Molecular Biology:

  • First Place — Faith Noss, Family Affair.


  • First place — Garrett Haymond, Rusted Treasures.
  • Second place — Karma Janutolo, Acids vs. Bases.
  • Third place — Hunter Harrison, Iced: What Really Melts Ice?

Earth & Environmental Sciences:

  • First Place — Carley Casteel, Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Engineering Technology: Statics & Dynamics:

  • Second place — Luke Tayman, Bridges Be Built!
  • Third place — Jeremy Isaac Farling, The Power of Stream.

Environmental Engineering:

  • First place — Ethan White, StreampH Exploring Acidity.

Material Science:

  • Second place — Ryan Tayman, Apple vs. Salts

Physics & Astronomy:

  • First place — Hallie Simmons, Meltdown.
  • Second place — Katelyn Snider, The Absorption of an Echo.
  • Third Place — Kaden Hayes, Ice, Ice, Maybe.

Plant Sciences:

  • First place — Rick Deal, Soil Analysis Test Accuracy.
  • Second Place — Brooklyn Casteel, Speedy Seed Germination.

Translational Medical Science:

  • First place — Colson Manko, Dissolving Drugs