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Preston Commission votes to change payroll system

KINGWOOD — Members of the Preston County Commission voted to change their current payroll system to Paycom, an online payroll management system.

Set up for the system will cost the commission $4,259.75. Once it is set up it will cost $1,204.39 per month. This includes training personnel how to use the system.

“I called every county in West Virginia that used Paycom and no one had anything bad to say about it,” Commissioner Hunter Thomas said.

County Clerk Linda Huggins said she believes the system will be helpful to all county offices. However, she added, she couldn’t provide any funds for the system due to the upcoming election.

“During the election some off my staff will not be in the office. I need all hands on deck. I’m not confident I want to take money from my budget. I am going to have to hire help during the pre-election and the election. I can’t promise that in February and March I can let that money go. I currently have two computers going down that I have to take care of,” Huggins said.

Thomas suggested the commission cover the cost to implement the system and pay the monthly fee for February and March.

Commissioner Don Smith agreed. “I believe it’s imperative we get this moving,” he said.

In other business, County Administrator Nate Raybeck said the Supreme Court approved the reconfiguration plan for changes in the courthouse with some modifications as outlined by the court.

The reconfiguration is being made to create room for an office and courtroom for a second Circuit Court Judge that will be added in January 2025.

In other business, commissioners voted to approve hiring Edwin C. Harper as a utility officer for the Preston County Sheriff’s Office. Harper’s starting date was Tuesday and his rate of pay $14 an hour for a 3 month probationary period, then his salary will be based off that same hourly rate.

The next meeting of the Preston County Commission will be 9:30 a.m, Dec. 12. The meeting for Dec. 26 has been canceled.