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Agencies attempt to rescue dog at I-79 rest stop

Several agencies made every effort Monday to capture a dog that was seemingly abandoned at the West Virginia Welcome Center on Interstate 79 but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Dana Johnson, director of the Monongalia County Canine Adoption Center said during the day they had several dog wardens on scene try to capture the dog, which is described as a possible German shepherd or husky.

While it is unknown at this time how the dog ended up at the rest stop, Johnson said they believe it was likely intentionally dumped there by its owners.

According to Johnson, they have been unable to get the dog on a leash despite the best efforts of the wardens, who she said returned to the area last night to try again.

The wardens tried to set up a humane trap for the dog, but Johnson said because people coming through the rest stop continued to feed the dog, it was uninterested in the food offered inside the trap.

Johnson said that Monongalia County deputies and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) were also on scene trying to rescue the confused animal.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the dog had not been captured by any official agencies, but Johnson said that calls regarding sightings of the dog were no longer coming in.

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