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Agreement reached for local doctor accused of domestic violence

A surgeon with Mon Health Medical Center appeared twice in Monongalia County Magistrate Court this week for hearings regarding domestic battery and violation of protective order charges from earlier this year. 

Court records show on Feb. 1, Dr. Alexander Nagy, who is listed as a surgeon specializing in cardiothoracic surgery at Mon Health, was charged with domestic battery following an alleged domestic violence incident with his wife on Jan. 29. 

According to the criminal complaint from that incident, the victim alleges Nagy grabbed her by the head and “began to violently shake her. “ 

Two weeks after that incident, on Feb. 14, an additional charge was brought against Nagy for violating the terms of a protective order.  The criminal complaint written following this incident states that the doctor sent an email to the Nagy family shared email account directly addressing the victim and requesting she not press charges. 

According to that complaint, Nagy had been served with the protective order on Feb. 1. 

Several members of the media were present Monday morning when Nagy and his defense attorney David M. Grunau appeared in court before Magistrate Saundra K. Holepit for a plea hearing.   

Grunau objected to Holepit’s decision to allow cameras in the courtroom for the proceedings, but the judge upheld her decision. 

During Monday’s hearing, Holepit stated that at Nagy’s last hearing on April 6, she said she would allow him to have non-abusive contact with his wife, with the condition that proof was sent to the court showing he was attending weekly therapy.  

Holepit then stated she had not received any documentation that Nagy had been attending the required therapy.  

Grunau claimed they were unaware that documentation needed to be sent to the court but stated Nagy had been attending therapy sessions and proof would be sent to the court following the hearing. 

Monday’s plea hearing was continued to Thursday morning as Grunau and Monongalia County Prosecutor Gabrielle Mucciola told the judge they felt they were close to an agreement that would resolve the case. 

Before scheduling the status hearing on Thursday, Holepit stated she would need proof the doctor has been participating in therapy since April 6, saying she just “wants to make sure everyone involved is safe.”    

Thursday’s hearing began with Grunau once again adamantly objecting to the presence of cameras in the courtroom for a misdemeanor offense. Holepit heard the attorney’s objections but ultimately allowed the cameras. 

After reviewing the paperwork sent regarding Nagy’s participation in therapy, both Holepit and Mucciola said they felt it did not show compliance and he had not met his obligation. Holepit also questioned the type of therapy that was received and credibility of the providers. 

Grunau explained the reasoning for some of the holes in Nagy’s therapy dates and argued that good faith efforts were made by the doctor. 

Ultimately a plea agreement was reached: Nagy agreed to plead no contest to the domestic battery charge resulting in a one-year jail sentence with no fine. Holepit suspended that sentence for one year of unsupervised probation. The violation of a protective order charge was dismissed. 

A no contest plea does not expressly admit guilt, but waives the right to a trial and allows the court to treat a defendant as if he or she were guilty for the purposes of sentencing. 

Conditions of Nagy’s agreement include enrollment in a course at the Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center (RDVIC) and participation in weekly therapy sessions. He must also send monthly status reports to the court to show he is in compliance. 

When contacted by The Dominion Post a spokesperson for Mon Health said the hospital did not wish to comment. 

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