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Preston County’s new magistrate sworn in

KINGWOOD — Preston County’s newest magistrate was sworn in Friday afternoon.

Peggy Pase was sworn in by Circuit Court Judge Stephen Shaffer. She will finish the term left vacant by the September death of Cindy Diann McCrobie, who was elected in 2022.

“I have a passion for law and I believed it was a time for a career change,” Pase said.” I’ve been working in Child Protective Services for three years. I loved the job, but it’s time to serve my community in a different manner.”

Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for the assessment, investigation and intervention regarding cases of child abuse and neglect, including sexual abuse. CPS typically takes cases where a child has been abused or is believed to be at risk of abuse by someone who has care-giving responsibilities for that child.

Pase said she considered running for magistrate during the last election but didn’t want to leave the children she was working with at that time.

“I’m still nervous about leaving my current job,” she said. “But I have a master’s in legal studies, and this is where my heart is.”

Pase is training in Charleston this week.

She said once she completes that training she will be doing virtual training and working with the other magistrates in the Preston County Magistrate Office.

Pase graduated from Central Preston Senior High in 1986. She worked as a Union laborer for 18 years. Pase earned her bachelor’s degree in legal Studies from West Virginia University at Parkersburg and her master’s degree in legal studies from Washington University School of Law.

Before her resignation, Pase held the office of secretary at the Preston County Solid Waste Authority.

Circuit Judge Stephen Shaffer said Pase will be “a great addition” to the magistrate’s office. He said she is a hard worker and a dedicated worker and worked as an intern in his law office for six or eight months.