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Auditor J.B. McCuskey leads the fundraising in three-way GOP race for attorney general nomination

MORGANTOWN – Republican attorney general candidate J.B. McCuskey is far ahead of his two GOP rivals for campaign fundraising and spending. When he switched his sights from governor to attorney general in July, he brought his governor-sized campaign war chest with him.

Along with McCuskey, who is state auditor, the other two candidates facing off for the May primary are state Sens. Ryan Weld, of Brooke County, and Mike Stuart, of Kanawha County. Both serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Weld is vice chair.

No Democrats have yet declared.

The figures come from their Third Quarter reports, covering the period July 1-Sept. 30.

McCuskey switched races in late July, and brought with him $412,082.57 in his campaign account. This period he raised $65,475 in individual donations and $83,950 at five fundraisers: two in Morgantown, two in Charleston, one in Bridgeport.

McCuskey’s total $149,425 for this period is nearly twice what Weld raised and more than three times what Stuart raised.

McCuskey also reported $3,181.69 earned in bank account interest.

He spent $31,558.24, leaving an account balance $533,131.02. His year-to-date totals were $797,658.06 raised and $267,805.99 spent.

Weld opened the period with $98,316.67. He raised $37,321.81 in individual donations and $44,467.75 at fundraisers in Wheeling, Morgantown, Shepherdstown, and two at the Greenbrier. He also reported an in-kind contribution of $1,380.30.

Weld spent $17,320 this period, leaving a balance of $162,785.24. His year-to-date totals were $195,291.73 raised and $29,521.77 spent.

Stuart opened with $69,435.89 and raised $45,730.60 in individual contributions. He held no fundraisers. His account balance also includes a prior loan from himself to his campaign account of $50,000 and a September loan of $12,001.49.

Stuart spent $19,370, leaving a balance of $107,797.98. His year-to-date totals,were $68,259.40 raised (excluding the loans) and $22,462.91 spent.

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