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Don’t sleep on Insomnia Cookies

Cookies are easy to find. You can pick up a dozen almost anywhere, even at a corner gas station. However, the average plastic-wrapped cookie at a checkout counter is warm only for nefarious reasons rather than indicating a freshly baked state. Such cookies also require a special trip out if a craving hits at an inopportune moment.

Enter Insomnia Cookies. The company began in 2003 when a group of college friends with a late-night hankering for something sweet hatched a brilliant business plan. Warm cookies fresh out of the oven, available for delivery until the wee hours of the morning. Over the last two decades, the company grew from its first home in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room to over 200 storefronts throughout the country.

Morgantown got its own Insomnia Cookies in 2015, at 2161 University Ave. Allegedly, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafts into some of the University Place apartment units that sit above the storefront.

There are cookie flavors aplenty, from old standards like Chocolate Chunk to the deluxe Reese’s Peanut Butter Filled. Hand-dipped ice cream is also available, and for those who want a taste of both, there is the Cookie ‘Wich — a slab of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies.

There are vegan and gluten-free cookie options on the menu. However, the allergen information available on the website states that all of the cookies are made in an environment where many allergens are present, so it does not recommend products for those with food allergies.

The storefront is open to treat-seekers until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, and until 1 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday. Delivery is available until 15 minutes before closing time. A $3.99 delivery fee (not including tip!) is nothing to sneeze at. However, I imagine that number feels much more manageable at 2 a.m.

EVA MURPHY is a freelance business writer for The Dominion Post. She writes a column on businesses, churches and other entities in the city.