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WVU hosts immersive exhibit to raise mental health awareness

Suicide is something that worsens in the dark.

To help bring light to a subject many try to avoid, WVU’s Carruth Center teamed up with Active Minds to host the 2023 “Send Silence Packing” exhibit, an immersive experience that illustrates the stories of youth as they guide participants through their mental health journeys.

The display was stationed Tuesday in Woodburn Circle on the downtown campus.

Participants walked among 100 backpacks to see photographs and read the stories from those affected by suicide.

The goal of the exhibit is to “inspire action for suicide prevention, destigmatize mental health and connect community members to local and national resources.”

The exhibit also included a “Behind the Backpacks” tent, where participants could engage in an immersive audio storytelling experience and a “Hope Wall” to share uplifting messages.

Counselors from the Carruth Center were available to answer questions and discuss mental health concerns along with educational materials and information on mental health and suicide resources.