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Justice leads Mooney in Senate campaign 2nd quarter fundraising, but Mooney ahead overall

MORGANTOWN – The 2024 primary election is still 10 months away (May 14), but rival Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls Gov. Jim Justice and Rep. Alex Mooney are touting their fundraising.

Their July Quarterly FEC reports show that Justice raised more money during the April-June quarter, but he entered the race after Mooney and his campaign has less cash on hand.

And a recent West Virginia Chamber of Commerce poll showed Justice with a comfortable lead – at the moment – over Mooney, who represents the northern half of the state in the U.S. House. The numbers were 56% for Justice and 19% for Mooney. Both hope to unseat sitting Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who has not yet announced if he will run again.

Justice’s campaign raised $935,035.87 during the quarter. That includes $811,535.67 from individual donors and $123,500 from PACs. A Justice campaign release notes that the campaign received support from 5,526 individual donors, and 93% of those donors gave less than $100. Unlike in his prior campaigns, which were largely self-funded, he didn’t contribute any cash to this campaign this quarter.

He spent $126,270.45 during the quarter, leaving $808,764.22 cash on hand going into the third quarter – July-September.

Mooney received $411,192.76 during the second quarter. That includes $291,664.83 from individual donors, $5,000 from party committees, $79,300 from PACs and $35,210.43 from other authorized committees.

He spent $251,487.42 during the quarter and entered the third quarter with $1,536,560.92 cash om hand.

His year-to-date totals are $2,010,616.51 received and $474,055.59 spent.

Separately, Mooney said in a release that Club for Growth Action and Protect Freedom PAC raise $13.55 million for Mooney.

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