Granville, Star City hold municipal elections

Voters in Granville and Star City cast their votes Tuesday for their respective mayors and town council members during municipal elections.

In Granville, Mayor Patty Lewis and Recorder Mary Beth Renner were both unopposed and received 55 and 54 votes, respectively.

Ron Clark picked up 47 votes as the top vote-getter among council hopefuls. Clark will join incumbents Nicky Boyers (41), Patty Forbes (39), Dave Bean (35) and Bobbie Jo Wolfe (22), each of whom will return to council.

Incumbent Councilor Chip Buzzo garnered 16 votes. Keith Pyles Jr. received 17 votes and Stanley Rowe 15 votes in unsuccessful council bids.

In Star City, Sharon Doyle, who was appointed as mayor after former mayor Herman Reid stepped down earlier this year, officially ran for the position unopposed and received 92 votes. Incumbent Recorder Steve Blinco also ran unopposed, receiving 99 votes.

Incumbents Todd Gregg (71), Lynette DeChristopher (70) and Gregory Epps (57) were re-elected to seats on the council.  

The remaining two seats in Star City will be filled by Andy Laskody, who took the top spot among councilors with 72 votes, and James Morris who received 67 votes.

Unsuccessful council bids included John F. Williams (30), Jeff Quinn (45), and Grant Dovey (18).  They also received three write-ins.

This will be the last municipal election held in Star City since the town voted for election realignment in November 2022 which will allow them to join the county voting schedule, eliminating elections held by the town.  

Because of the realignment in Star City, those elected yesterday will serve a one-year term as opposed to the normal two-year term, so the schedule aligns with the county.

The change will save the town money on election materials and poll workers and will put the elections in the capable hands of Monongalia County Clerk Carye Blaney, Blanco said.  It will also allow Star City residents to vote on both county and municipal ballots simultaneously.

“It’s a good feeling to see the support of the voters,” Doyle said after hearing Tuesday’s results.  “We don’t have a huge turnout in Star City but hopefully by marrying up with the county election we will be able to get a bigger voter turnout, but I’m very pleased with the support.”

Doyle said the council will focus on continuing to build up the riverfront area and working with the Department of Highways on road and sidewalk repairs.

“I just look forward to continuing to do what I’ve done for many, many years and that is to support the town with integrity and keep moving us forward,” she said.

Canvassing begins on June 21 and the election results will be certified on June 23.  The new terms begin July 1.