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Laurel graduates 31

Laurel College of Technology held its Spring graduation recently at the Holiday Inn in Morgantown.

Opening comments were given by Nancy Decker, president and CEO of Laurel Institutes, then Campus President Sherri Rimel presented degrees and diplomas to the graduates.

Degree valedictorians, Lisa Fortner and Krystle Wolfe, addressed their fellow students together with a congratulatory and encouraging speech. They were followed by fellow valedictorians Mary Hylton, Isaiah Hanna, David Kern and Madison Olinger.

Class salutatorian, Billy Wright Jr., also addressed the class with heartfelt congratulations and thanks for his fellow students and program instructors.

Rimel also reported that 74% of May 2023 graduating class have accepted employment offers within their programs of study.

The following students were awarded specialized associate degrees and diplomas in the following programs:

Degree Programs

Electrical Technician

  • Julian Brown
  • Isaiah Hanna
  • David Kern
  • Madison Olinger
  • Nicholas Tripplett
  • Billy Wright Jr.
  • William Fearon


  • Kaylee Booth
  • Scott Cannon
  • Lisa Fortner
  • Eric Godfrey
  • Zachary Hillsman
  • Katharine Landreth
  • JoAnn Laurita
  • Kiersten Lear
  • Ashley Myers
  • Natalia McKahan
  • Nicholas Rush
  • Miranda Sisk
  • Debera Smith
  • Parker Wilhelm
  • Krystle Wolfe

Diploma Programs


  • Mary Hylton
  • Alexis Marino
  • Lauren Monti
  • Hannah Queen
  • Hellen Reel
  • Kendra VanKirk
  • Lydia Demyon
  • Jayden Reese


  • Alyssa White