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Preston CTE Graduation: 141 complete career technical education

KINGWOOD — The gymnasium at Preston High School was filled Monday evening with parents, relatives, friends, teachers and members of the county board of education, all waiting to applaud the 141 students graduating from the Career Technical Education (CTE) program.

PHS Principal Todd Seymour said to be a completer, most programs require four classes. He said students typically start in their sophomore or junior year, but some freshmen enroll as well.

The CTE courses offered at PHS prepare students for careers with a depth of learning that helps them build real-world skills. To graduate, a student must have a work-force score of 70%, two clean drug tests, a 95% attendance record, a 3.0 grade point average and 95% senior portfolio.

The portfolio is a collection of awards, certificates, work experience, hobbies, letters of recommendations, etc. The students, during April of their senior year, conduct an oral presentation before a panel of judges.

One student, Sarah Bolyard, daughter of Roger and Amy Bolyard of Kingwood, said she was the only female student in the automotive class. She said she chose to take the class because she wanted to know how to repair her own car.

“I don’t want to be stuck alone along the road at night and have to wait for someone,” Bolyard said. “I want to know what to do.”

Automotive wasn’t the only class offered students. Other classes included Agriculture-Agribusiness, Agriculture-Animal Processing, Agriculture-Animal Systems, Agriculture-Natural Resources Management, Business-Accounting, Business-Management & Administration, Business-Restaurant Management, Construction-Carpentry, Construction-Electrical Technician, Construction-Welding, Education, Government-JROTC, Health Sciences-Diagnostic Services, Health Sciences-CNA, Health Sciences-Phlebotomy, IT-Information Management, IT-Cisco Systems, STEM-Energy & Power, Transportation-Automotive Technology, Transportation-Collision Repair.

Graduating were Averi Adams, Karah Anderson, Caleb Armbrester, Rhi Atkins, Emily Augustine, McKenzie Bankhead, Kyrah Barbato, Marilyn Bell, Brent Bennett, Colby Bernatowicz, Wade Biggins, Mariyah Bishop, Nicholas Blosser, Addison Bolyard, Alec Bolyard, Bonnie Bolyard, Emilyn Bolyard, Madison Bolyard, Nathaniel Bolyard, Sarah Bolyard, Tyler Bolyard, McKenna Borgman, Julianna Bower, Hailey Britton, Madison Brown, Caleb Cale, Samantha Carrico, Katelyn Cartwrigh, Aidan Cassidy, Kaylee Chadderton, Connor Channell, Trent Chipps, Kendall Clark, Hunter Conner, Trey Cooley, Sierra Davis, Abriel DeBerry, Kailynn DeBerry, Rowan DeBerry, Addison Eicher, Sean Faignant, Brock Felton, Logan Fike, Alexis Funk, Lucien Funk, Garrett Goodwin, Blake Gower, Logan Green, Gavin Gribble, Emma Hall, Conner Hardesty, Carson Harsh, Melvin Harsh, Sabrina Harsh, Jacob Hauser, Jaden Hawkins, Heather Hayes, Isaac Hixenbaugh, Ryan Hoffman, Taylor Holt, Emily Horsey, Jeffrey Hutcheson Jr., Lexi Jennings, Kevin Johnson, Sydney Kennedy, Carson Kidwell, Alexandria King, Bradlee Knight, Carson Knox, Marjorie Lane, Jonathan Lansber, Raymond Lazare, Lauren Lewis, Robert Lilly, Trinity Lipscomb, Trait Lob, Molly Long, Tony Long Jr., Briar Manko , William Marks, Ben Martine, Ethan Matusky, David Mays II, Troy Metheny, Crystal Miller, Amber Moon, Emily Moreland, Hayden Moreland , Jack Moreland, Jayce Moreland, Dylan Morgan, Breanna Murphy, Dalaynie Myers, Blaine Neidlinger, Kacey Nelder, Delaney Parker, James Peaslee, Zoe Pingley, Cameron Pyles, Thomas Pyles, Austin Reckart, Megan Rennie, McKenna Riley, Laken Root, Ryan Rosenberger, Mariah Rush, Miranda Rutherford, James Saucer, Kenneth Savage, Nathaniel Schnopp, Mercy Sell, Devan Shaffer , Marcus Simmons, Austin Sines, Destiny Sisler, Roy Sisler, Laura Smouse, Natalie Stemple, Alexis Stepek, Kendall Stiles, Jessie Stone, Maura Strahin, Sean Street, Angel Streets, Austyn Stull, Caden Sypolt, Michael Sypolt, Adrieanna Taylor, Jaden Thomas, Autom Titchenell, Emily Trenum, Brayton Turner, Kaley Uphold, Ethan Wagner , Dallas Welch, Meadow Wells, Emma Wilson, Layne Wilson , Austin Wolfe , Delaney Wotring, Bryce Young.

Those receiving the West Virginia Governor’s Workforce award were Karah Anderson, Addison Bolyard, Lexi Jennings, Carson Knox, Robert Lilly, Ben Martinez and Meadow Wells.

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