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Police: Man shoots wife during argument

A Morgantown man is being held without bond after he allegedly shot a woman in the head inside a Morgantown residence. 

Monongalia Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Healthy Heights Village residence at approximately 9 p.m. Sunday after a reported shooting had occurred.  

According to a criminal complaint, officers were told the caller had been shot in the head by her husband who was identified as Shaun Foster LaPointe, 42, of Morgantown. 

Once on scene, deputies were able to remove the victim from the residence and Mon EMS provided her immediate medical care. 

The victim told deputies that she and LaPointe had been arguing and during the course of the argument, he retrieved a .22 caliber revolver, which he aimed in front of her face, the complaint said.  

The woman said she then attempted to swat the firearm from in front of her face and LaPointe pulled the trigger, discharging a bullet. She was hit on the right side of her head by the bullet which, resulted in a non-fatal injury. 

After being taken into custody, LaPointe agreed to an interview with law enforcement and stated that during the argument with the victim she called his elderly grandfather, which upset him to the point of “blacking out.”  

He also admitted to retrieving the firearm from the bedroom during the argument. 

According to court records, LaPointe has been charged with “attempts.” It is unclear at this time what crime law enforcement allege was attempted. 

According to West Virginia code cited on the complaint, “every person who attempts to commit an offense, but fails to commit or is prevented from committing it, shall, where it is not otherwise provided, be punished as follows: If the offense attempted be punishable with life imprisonment, the person making such attempt shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary not less than three nor more than 15 years.” 

LaPointe is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail.