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PSD 1 considering expansion of Independence Road


KINGWOOD — Preston County PSD 1, located in Arthurdale, is considering an expansion that would take in part of Independence Road, according to Paige Hatch, Chief Operator for the PSD.

Members of the PSD board along with Cullen Cutright, Thrasher Project Engineer held a preliminary meeting with Preston County Commissioners during their Tuesday morning meeting.

Cutright sad PSD 1 was created in 1964 and expanded its services in 1989. Some of the area the PSD currently serves are Arthurdale, Reedsville, Gladesville, Independence, Brown’s Mill, and Gordon’s Community.

“This expansion would encompass the existing water area plus the areas where people have requested service. It will not impose on Newburg and its projects,” Cutright said.

He said he has not talked with Newburg officials yet, but has talked with members of the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Newburg Mayor Edgar Fortney said there are only three homes on Independence Road that PSD 1 can pick up. He said the remainder is part of the Newburg project. Newburg stopped at the old Independence school, but plans to continue as soon as earmarked funds are released.

“We have $2 million earmarked from McKinley’s office for the project, and the county commission gave us another $200,000,” Fortney said. “Sheena Hunt (director of Region VI) is working to get the funds released so we can continue.”

Commissioner Hunter Thomas cautioned Cutright saying “I want make sure you don’t go into their (Newburgh’s) area.”

Commission President Samantha Stone asked how this expansion would affect customers.

“PSD 1 already has the highest water rates in Preston County,” she said. “I want to see the maps and other information before we do anything.”

No further action was taken.

In other business Joe Larew, county facility manager updated a report about the McGrew House roof. He said last week the fire department was dispatched the house when the roof hatch blew off.

“I was able to get up on the roof and thanks to city workers able to get the roof hatch patched.” he said. “I went back and checked no water got in. Hopefully I can get up there and patch more.”

“We’re going to have to have a good serious discussion with the members of McGrew house,” Stone said. “We have to find out if they are able to keep the updates needed done.”