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Crogan Lift Station expansion about halfway complete


KINGWOOD — The Kingwood Sanitary Sewer Board met Monday evening, and ended with the board members going into executive session.

Eleni Knight, an engineer from Civil & Environmental Consultants (CEC) said the Crogan Lift Station extension was over half way complete. She said all of the rights-of-way needed for the project have been signed.

Knight said, however, one resident wouldn’t sign the right-of-way unless they removed nine trees on his property for him. The trees were removed.

During the last meeting, Mike Flueharty from CEC said there were five bidders for the contract and all five came in at or under the $200,000 the board believed it would cost. He said Doss from Jane Lew Enterprises was just under the $200,000.

“I’ve worked with them before and had no issues,” he said.

When asked if board members would like to have an engineering inspection, board member Randy Plum said he didn’t believe it would be necessary.

“This is so tiny I don’t believe it will need an engineering inspection,” he said. “My concern is when someone bids lower than cost. They eat you up with changes.”

Also discussed was the long-term control plan for Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). City Supervisor Nick Wolfe said the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) wants the city to build tanks, but he said that would cost a lot of money.

“If we can solve our storm water problems we’re good,” he said. “I know we’re always going to have some I&I.”

Wolf said a long-term control plan is when you have six or fewer events. An event occurs when there is a hard rain and all of the water can’t be treated. He said last year the city had 14 events. That was down from 80 when he first started to work.

In other business, Sewer Clerk Amy DeBerry said she is working on a different insurance plan for employees for next year. She told board members she believes it will save money and provide better service. DeBerry said she would present the plan at a later date.

No further action was taken.

The next meeting of the Sewer Board will be 2:30 p.m. June 12.