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April 16 letters to the editor

Ending gun violence starts in our homes 

Do you want to stop gun violence? Do you want to eliminate school violence? Then let us start at the beginning and not the end. 

Violence starts in the broken homes of our communities, moves to our schools and eventually takes over our nation. So why do we ignore the obvious symptoms of our national disease and go immediately to the end? It is easy and we want easy, quick answers.  

Well, folks, the answers to our nation’s pain will not come easy, they will not come quick and they certainly will not be painless. 

How we conduct ourselves and raise our families is not the entire answer — it is just the beginning of the answer. Our children build themselves on our foundation, and if our home is in disrepair, how can we expect our kids to be built on solid ground? When we send our children to school, do we give our teachers a well-built product or do we send them a home in need of repair and expect them to fix our failures? 

When we watch the daily news programs and shake our heads at the increase in violence, do we look in or out? Do we look around ourselves and think about ways to reduce the violence or do we expect the government to do it for us?  

There is an old but true saying, that you don’t get something for nothing. We are putting out a product and that product is our children. We introduce that product into our schools and communities after putting very little effort on our part into it and are amazed when it sometimes fails. We have a responsibility to raise our kids properly and not expect the world around us to do our job. 

The symptoms are what we read and see in the news. The solutions start in our homes, communities and schools. 

Andrew Price