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A look at local legislator pay for 2022

MORGANTOWN — With a slight pay raise on the horizon for legislators in 2025, we offer a look today on what local legislators made in 2022, the last full year for which figures are available.

Current compensation includes their base pay of $20,000, plus $150 per day for extended or special sessions and for interims and committee meetings outside of interims. Presiding officers, majority and minority leaders and certain committee chairs are also entitled to additional compensation.

Members also receive expense reimbursements: for those who do not commute to meetings, $131 per day; for those who commute, $55 per day plus mileage or transportation fees, not to exceed $131 per day.

SB 740, the pay raise bill, passed the Senate 26-7 (with all the votes against from Republicans) and the House 54-43 with bipartisan opposition. After negotiations and tweaking, the Senate re-passed it, 25-7.

Under the bill, beginning in 2025, base pay will be 75% of the state per capita income rounded down to the nearest $1,000; that means legislative base pay in 2025 would be $21,000.

Per diem pay for extended or special sessions and for interims and committee meetings outside of interims will go from $150 to $200. Reimbursements for non-commuters will increase from $131 to $175; and for commuters from $55 to $75, up to a maximum $175 including mileage or transportation fees.

The 2022 pay figures are based on the legislative districts in effect at that time. According to the state auditor’s office, figures do not include the reimbursements, which are reported separately.

House of Delegates

District 51

Barbara Evans Fleischauer, D, $23,089.50

Evan Hansen, D, $23,249

Joe Statler, R, $23,466

Danielle Walker, D, $22,639

John Williams, D, $21,650

District 50

Joey Garcia, D, $22,633

Phil Mallow, R, $22,782.48

Guy Ward, R, $22,347.91

District 5

Dave Pethtel, D, $23,443.11

District 48

Amy Summers, R, $26,440.94 (Summers served as House majority leader)

District 52

Terri Sypolt, R, $23,402.75

District 53

Buck Jennings, R, $23,083


District 13

Bob Beach, D, $22,866

Mike Caputo, D, $22,937.16

District 14

Randy Smith, R, $22,716

Dave Sypolt, R, $24,043.48

District 2

Charles Clements, R, $23,619.75

Mike Maroney, R, $20,466

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