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Westlake Energy Partners pledges $25,000 to YCF

Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia Inc. (YCF) announced two new endowment funds as part of YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign.

The Westlake Energy Partners Impact Fund and Westlake Energy Partners Addiction Prevention Fund were created with a $25,000 pledge from Westlake Energy Partners LLC.

The Westlake Energy Partners Impact Fund will support charitable organizations and programs for emerging community needs within Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston and Taylor counties. The grants will be awarded for community needs and opportunities that fall outside the scope of YCF’s numerous “donor designated” endowed funds, thereby providing the flexibility needed to better support the communities.

Westlake Energy Partners is an oil and gas acquisition company that was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Morgantown.

“As our business has grown throughout the years, I have always found it important to give back to the community,” said Tim Smith, with Westlake Energy Partners. “This particular YCF campaign was especially appealing to me because of the matching aspect by an anonymous donor. I’m hopeful that our contribution will help inspire others to contribute to this great cause or any of the other wonderful charitable organizations in our community.”

The Westlake Energy Partners Addiction Prevention Fund will provide support to programs geared to lessen and alter the destructive impact of alcohol and drug addiction on children and their families through education and professional support at the grassroots level. Eligible charitable organizations will reside within Monongalia County.

The Addiction Prevention Fund sparked Smith’s interest due to his personal experience with friends and family members impacted by the destructive path of addiction.

“I’ve seen firsthand the devastation that addiction has caused for numerous families in our community and the community as a whole. I’m hopeful that this endowment will have a positive impact on the addiction crisis in our community,” said Smith.

As part of YCF’s $1 Million Match Campaign, Westlake Energy Partners’ donation will be matched 100% by an anonymous donor to the YCF IMPACT Fund and YCF Addiction Prevention Initiative Fund.

To date, YCF has received $920,965 towards the $1 Million goal. For more information, call YCF at 304-296-3433, or visit:

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