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Morgantown Dance brings fairy tale classic to the Met

Don’t be late for this very important date. Morgantown Dance will present its 2023 spring production of “Alice in Wonderland” March 31 and April 1 at the Metropolitan Theatre on High Street.

Tickets are available for Alice in Wonderland at on the events page.

Join Alice — portrayed by Morgantown High senior Layla Lee — as she dances through the rabbit hole to a magical land where she meets many characters.

Lee first performed in “Alice in Wonderland” as the March Hare in 2019. Dancing as Alice for this production has been challenging yet rewarding and Lee said she is grateful to have had this opportunity.

“Alice in Wonderland” features a mix of ballet, tap, modern and acroflex dance. The cast is made up of 82 dancers from the greater Morgantown area, varying in age from 6 to 60.

Rehearsals began in January on this original adaptation of the iconic works of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” Each weekend, the dancers gather at Morgantown Dance, under the artistic direction of the director of community productions, Desiree Witt, to share in the hard work and dedication it takes to create a full-scale ballet production.

The ballet features music by Daniel Berkman, Carl Davis, Anne Dudley, Richard Hartley and Joby Talbot.

The story has been brought to life with choreography by Witt, Gretchen Hurd, Ashley Manzo, Craig Kaufman and Sophia Brown.

The wacky scenery, colorful props and captivating costumes created by the team will help sweep you away to Wonderland.

Without the support of Your Community Foundation of Northern West Virginia, The West Virginia Department of Arts Culture and History and from the dancers’ families and community, the company would not be able to provide such experiences.

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