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Human remains discovered in Cheat Lake area

The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department reported Thursday that human remains were discovered in the Cheat Lake area earlier this week. 

According to a press release, deputies and detectives, as well as Mon EMS and a representative from the Medical Examiner’s Office, were dispatched on Sunday to a wooded area between South Pierpont Road and Hanalei Drive to recover the remains.

Sheriff Perry Palmer told The Dominion Post the remains were discovered by a group of “shed hunters” who were looking for shed deer antlers in the wooded area.

When asked about the state of the remains, Palmer said he was unable to comment about the level of decay, and could not say whether they belonged to a male or female.

The remains were found in an area close to the Whisper Creek Apartments, where missing person Bryn Hargreaves resided. However, Palmer said he could not speculate to the identity at this time.

Hargreaves, 36, was reported missing in the Cheat Lake area of Morgantown in January 2022. A former professional rugby player who is originally from Wigan, England, he was living at the Whisper Creek Apartments on Pierpont Road, but little is known about his last-known location.

According to the release, the remains have been sent to the West Virginia State Medical Examiner’s Office for positive identification and manner of death.

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