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Man facing 5 misdemeanor charges after refusing to leave Hazel’s House of Hope

A Morgantown man is facing five misdemeanor charges after police had to forcibly remove him from Hazel’s House of Hope Wednesday evening.

Morgantown police were called after a man, later identified as Richard Arthur Kempf, 53, of Morgantown, refused to leave the Scott Avenue social services center when staff asked him to vacate the property due to his behavior, the criminal complaint said.

MPD Officer M.D. Starsick wrote in the complaint that police asked Kempf to leave multiple times before instructing him that he “had to leave” the property.

He allegedly continued to refuse and began cursing at officers and staff at the shelter, telling police they would have to physically remove him if they wanted him to leave.

Kempf was placed under arrest, all the while continuing to shout profanities at Starsick and assisting officers and calling them “pigs,” the complaint said.  He continued to curse at the staff “calling them derogatory names and slurs,” even though officers had ordered him to be quiet.

While searching Kempf, police allegedly found approximately 12 grams of marijuana.

Kempf is facing charges for obstructing an officer, trespassing, possession, disorderly conduct and refusal to submit fingerprints.

During a Thursday arraignment hearing, Kempf pleaded not guilty to the charges.  He is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail on a $1,500 bond.