West Virginia Legislature

A sampling of bills introduced Wednesday, Feb. 1

MORGANTOWN – Here is a sampling of bills introduced on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Local sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted. No House bills were introduced on Wednesday.

  • SB 535, to add additional exemptions to the compulsory childhood immunization of school children, to permit religious, philosophical, or religious and philosophical exemptions; Sen. Randy Smith, R-Tucker, co-sponsor.
  • SB 536, regarding distribution of certain taxes and surcharges to benefit volunteer and part-volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services providers as well as certain funds from the Fire Protection Fund.
  • SB 537, to eliminate the marital exception to criminal prosecution of sexual assault offenses.
  • SB 540, to make willful public urination and defecation misdemeanor offenses; Smith, co-sponsor.