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Crash causes significant damage to Mountain Line bus

A collision between a Mountain Line Transit Authority bus and a small sedan Monday afternoon in downtown Morgantown left both vehicles with severe front-end damage.

The bus, which was driving up Pleasant Street, struck the front end of a black BMW sedan that was pulling off of Chestnut Street, causing the bus to then careen off the road into the parking lot behind the Huntington Bank building, taking out a light post along the way, and ultimately crashing into the back of the bank building.

Morgantown police and fire departments responded to the accident, along with Mon EMS.  No major injuries were reported.

On scene, significant damage could be seen to both the front driver’s side fender of the BMW and the front end of the bus, which showed many signs of a collision — including the front window, which was shattered, along with major damage to the front passenger entry door, which was no longer functional. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

Mountain Line authorities were unable to comment on the accident until they received footage from inside the bus.

A small amount of damage could be seen on the bank building, which included a small chunk of brick and damage to an overhead light.  Huntington Bank Communications Manager Samantha Myers said the bank did not have any comment on the incident at this time.

Officers on scene said they were still investigating the accident and it is unclear if any charges or traffic citations will be filed.  MPD officials did not respond in time for this report.