West Virginia Legislature

A sampling of bills introduced Monday, Jan. 30

MORGANTOWN – Here is a sampling of bills introduced on Monday, Jan. 30. Local sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

  • HB 3132, to increase the penalties for bribery and corrupt practices and disqualification to hold office.
  • HB 3133, to create a credit against the severance tax to encourage private companies to make infrastructure improvements to highways, roads and bridges.
  • HB 3135, to increase compensation for the governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state, commissioner of agriculture, and state treasurer.
  • HB 3154, to increase the state minimum wage to $10 per hour; Delegate Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegate Evan Hansen, D-Monongalia, co-sponsor.
  • HB 3158, to make certain acts of panhandling and solicitation unlawful; exempts fire departments, school organizations, and 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • SB 511, to ensure the $1 service fee for the renewal of vehicle registration is dedicated to the county sheriff for contribution to the county general fund and the deputy sheriff’s retirement system.
  • SB 519, to create the School Personnel Whistle-Blower Law.