West Virginia Legislature

A sampling of bills introduced Wednesday, Jan. 25

MORGANTOWN – Here is a sampling of bills introduced on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Local sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

  • HB 3016, to establish the food desert pilot program.
  • HB 3031, to eliminate the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund, redirect the income to the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund, and to eliminate requirements that applicants for video lottery and racetrack table game licensees must hold a dog racing license. Delegate Geno Chiarelli, R-Monongalia, co-sponsor.
  • HB 3038, to establish the felony offenses of driving a motor vehicle while impaired causing the death of an unborn fetus or causing serious bodily injury to an unborn fetus.
  • HB 3042, to forbid excessive government limitations on exercise of religion and create the Equal Protection for Religion Act; Delegate Phil Mallow, R-Marion, co-sponsor.
  • HB 3043, to require drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident causing injury to submit to a blood draw to determine any level of impairment, and require an examination of the black box of vehicles involved in accidents causing injury; Mallow and Delegate Buck Jennings, R-Preston, co-sponsors.
  • SB 465, to increase the maximum amount of money in a county’s rainy day fund from 30% of the county’s most recent general fund budget to 50%; Sen. Charles Clements, R-Wetzel, lead sponsor; Sens. Mike Caputo, D-Marion, Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, Mike Oliverio, R-Monongalia, co-sponsors.
  • SB 467, to allow county commissioners an ongoing mechanism to consider compensation increases for elected county officials every two years in an amount up to the increase in the annual Consumer Price Index over the last two years.
  • SB 472, to create the criminal offense of indecent exposure in front of minors.