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CB’s Kohlton St. Clair signs with Salem University for baseball

BLACKSVILLE — Clay-Battelle’s Kohlton St. Clair took a quick break from basketball season after scoring 20 points on Tuesday, to sign his letter of intent to play baseball for Salem University next season.

The Cee-Bee pitcher inked his name Thursday inside the Statler-Wilson Gymnasium at Clay-Battelle High School and said it is something he’s excited to have accomplished while he is also ready to do much more.

“I’ve known the head coach at Salem for a while and he’s given me a lot of tips and pointers here and there to get where I am today,” St. Clair said after the signing. “He’s helped me realize my potential to play at the next level.”

St. Clair said that it was the work in the offseason that really got the attention of the scouts.

“When I started going to camps I began to get some attention,” he said. “Once I started getting noticed for my pitching it generated a lot of interest from some of the recruiters. I played for the Appalachian Aces in the offseason and that helped a lot with the process too.”

St. Clair won’t be going very far, as Salem University is located just south of Morgantown in Salem. This is something St. Clair holds close, as it gives him an opportunity to play close to home.

“It’s close to home and my family can come to all the games,” he said. “It feels like a second home to me, really. The school itself has a small feel to it, sort of how it is here at Clay-Battelle, and I like that a lot.”

St. Clair will join another local player from the area, Aaron Forbes from University High School, who signed with Salem last year to play third base.

“I’ve seen Aaron play a few times but we aren’t that familiar with each other,” St. Clair said. “I’m sure I will have the chance to go down to see the team play during the season this year and will be able to talk to him at some point.”

St. Clair thanked his family for introducing him to the game at such an early age. He will attend Salem and study to become an athletic trainer one day.

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