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NDAA passes: Look at the measures

While permitting reform failed again, the National Defense Authorization Act as a whole passed.

Capito said, “After too long a delay, I am pleased that Congress has finally passed legislation that demonstrates our continued support of our military, especially during these challenging times. We have to ensure our military is best equipped and prepared to face whatever challenge it may have to face, and that our personnel and equipment are able to meet those pressing needs in defense of our nation and our allies. This legislation accomplishes that goal.”

Among the measures in the bill:

  • Includes the bipartisan Water Resources Development Act, legislation Capito co-authored, that authorizes key projects and studies to tackle water resources challenges across the country.
  • Promotes efforts at Green Bank Observatory to develop the Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) and a new high-power radar transmitter for the Green Bank Telescope.
  • Recognizes the West Virginia National Guard’s Army Interagency Training and Education Center and encourages the Defense Department to assess the expansion of AITEC’s mission capabilities to include combating cyber threats to critical infrastructure.
  • Prohibits the Air Force from reducing the number of C-130 transport planes assigned to the National Guard.
  • Authorizes $847 billion, reversing proposed cuts by the Biden administration, for national defense programs, military construction projects, and nuclear weapons programs under the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Removes a mandate for COVID-19 vaccines for troops, which has hindered recruitment and retention.
  • Includes a 4.6% raise for service members, the largest pay raise in 20 years.
  • Requires the U.S. military to implement plans to eliminate the use of Russian energy at U.S. bases in Europe.
  • Requires a review on military suicides — the second-leading cause of death among military personnel — to help prevent future service member suicides.