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Preston County man accused of kidnapping, held without bail


A Preston County man is facing multiple charges after allegedly kidnapping a man and forcing him at gunpoint to drive for two and a half hours.

The victim told Monongalia County Sheriff’s deputies he picked up Anthony Shuttlesworth in Kingwood Saturday morning because Shuttlesworth was looking for a ride.

The victim told police he became unnerved when Shuttlesworth, 29, pulled a knife from his pocket and placed it in his lap. Shuutlesworth then allegedly told the victim he was going to drown him in Cheat Lake.

Police said Shuttlesworth forced the victim to drive toward Uniontown, Pa.

During the trip, Shuttlesworth allowed the victim to go into a convenience store in Monongalia County to get a drink. While inside, the victim told employees to call the police.

Police arrived and took Shuttlesworth into custody and charged him with kidnapping. He is being held in the North Central Regional Jail without bail.