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Defense in Depth will not host Big Daddy Guns announcement; new site to be determined

MORGANTOWN — The Big Daddy Guns press event planned for Wednesday evening will not be hosted by Defense in Depth.

A representative of Defense in Depth said Tuesday that “an employee, without authority to do so, authorized said PR event by a third party. Upon review by management, it is determined that Defense in Depth is not an appropriate location for a PR event by Big Daddy Guns.”

The Defense in Depth statement goes on to say the two companies are not affiliated in any way.

The press event is expected to spell out the future plans for Big Daddy Guns, after the recent announcement from Hardy World that the Florida-based gun retailer will not open in The Deck, on University Avenue. Hardy World said the two companies agreed to terminate the Big Daddy Guns lease at that location after weeks of public pushback.

Big Daddy Enterprises Public Relations Coordinator Nick Lahera, who will be in town for the announcement with co-founder Sherrie McKnight, said this latest twist is “disheartening,” but the event will take place at the same time at a new venue which has yet to be determined.

This story will be updated as additional information is available.

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