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Meth found in Pa. man’s vehicle during traffic stop in Star City

A Pennsylvania man was arrested this week after police in Star City found numerous bags of methamphetamine inside his vehicle.

Star City Police Officer Hunt wrote in a criminal complaint a Ford Explorer driving on Boyers Avenue had an item hanging from the rear view mirror that was obstructing the driver’s view, which breaks a Star City code. 

Hunt stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of the WVU Coliseum.

According to the complaint, when Hunt approached the driver, later identified as Christopher Lee Kiger, 40, of Spraggs, Pa., the officer noticed Kiger’s hands to be near his waist.

“I observed a large bulge under his shirt near his belt and an empty handgun holster between him and the door,” the officer wrote in the complaint.  “The male [Kiger] then informed me that he had a gun.”

Hunt told Kiger and a male passenger, identified as Christopher Lipscomb, to put their hands on the roof and not move, to which they complied.  

The officer then removed a loaded Tarus 9mm handgun from Kiger’s lap.

Hunt said while speaking with the two males and a backseat female passenger, identified as Lindsay Phillips, they noticed multiple items such as torch lighters and a magnetic stash box.  The officer wrote that the occupants also seemed to be nervous.

Hunt called for a K-9 unit as well as backup officers as “there was numerous knives in view,” according to the complaint.

When the K-9 unit arrived, the three were asked to leave the vehicle and the dog conducted a free air sniff around it, showing a positive indication of the presence of illegal drugs.

A search was then conducted where presumed methamphetamine was uncovered, the complaint said.  Officers found one bag containing 10 grams of meth, one containing approximately 2 grams and “numerous small baggies commonly used to package drugs for sale.”

Kiger is charged with felony possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and conspiracy.  His bond was set at $25,000.

According to the complaint, information provided by the Mon Metro Drug Task Force indicated that the individuals associated with this traffic stop were involved together in the illegal drug activity.