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Morgantown defensive lineman Koma Neal entering senior season with high hopes

MORGANTOWN — It doesn’t matter if it is on the gridiron or the hardwood, if you see Morgantown High athlete Dakoma Neal coming at you, it would probably suit you best to get out of the way or get what’s coming to you.

When it comes to the MHS senior, one thing stands out: Personality.

Whether lining up on defense or offense, Neal brings electricity to his teammates and coaches alike. It’s something that helped the MHS boys’ basketball team capture the 2022 state championship, as well.

It’s sort of like that one guy in a football movie that everyone just gets along with and enjoys. That’s what Koma brings to the table when it comes to being a teammate and classmate at MHS.

“Koma has done a wonderful job for us; he is athletically talented but the kids are also drawn to him as a person as well,” MHS coach Sean Biser said. “He does have that ‘dog’ mentality and we just want to keep him going in the right direction and channel it all. He has a few schools looking at him and I think he can play at the next level. I stay on him, but he’s the guy that I can do that with and pick on a little. He has a great personality.”

Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing in at 235 pounds, Neal is a difference maker on both sides of the ball for Biser and MHS. Primarily, he lines up on defense for the Mohigans as an outside defensive linemen. This allows Neal to use his athleticism and speed to get in the backfield.

On offense, he lines up at tight end, using his speed once again, and some decent hands, to make an impact. Having Neal blocking on the offensive line once in a while is also a plus for MHS.

Entering his final season at MHS, Neal’s goals are fairly simple.

“I want to be the best I can be and get as many coaches and schools looking at me as possible,” he said. “But our team goal is to always compete with every team and expect to win no matter who they are.”

Being a leader is something that comes naturally for Neal. But he loves the role as he says it helps push him to be better.

“I love being looked at as a leader because I’ve always wanted to be the person someone looks up to,” he said. “It also pushes me to be better and always give 100% effort no matter what. You never know who is watching you.”

Biser alluded to Neal adopting the role naturally as well as saying that he is a player who Biser developed a close bond with as a coach and friend. Neal said the two are very alike when it comes to their football passion.

“I love playing for coach Biser; he is always wanting to win just like me, so we get along well,” Neal said. “We both know a lot about the game and love talking about game and practice situations. He has taught me a lot about life off the field also, and how to be a better person in general.”

Winning isn’t an unfamiliar thing for Neal, either. After winning a ring in basketball, he said he is even hungrier for a ring in football now.

“Absolutely, winning a ring in basketball makes me want one in football even more,” he said. “One, because I’ve always wanted to make my family proud and I want to represent the school I attend at MHS.”

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