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Morgantown man charged with DUI after Westover Bridge accident Friday

A Morgantown man is being charged with third-offense DUI after causing a multiple-vehicle accident Friday morning on the Westover Bridge, resulting in two people being transported by ambulance for injuries.

Morgantown police and fire departments, as well as Mon EMS, responded to the scene, according to the Monongalia County Emergency Management call center.

Emergency crews responded to the scene at approximately 8:47 a.m., according to a criminal complaint, and were told by dispatchers that four cars were involved in the accident, which occurred in the lanes heading into Morgantown.

Officers were also told that a male victim involved in the accident was bleeding from the face.

One witness to the accident told police one man wearing a black tank top and red shorts left the scene and headed toward the stairs by Wings Ole.

Officers said upon arriving on scene they were able to identify a red Ford Fusion as the primary vehicle that caused the accident and found a total of five vehicles were involved.

Beside the red Fusion, police said they found a female laying on the ground by the passenger side door screaming for help.

Mon EMS immediately began medical assessment and treatment on the female who, before being transported, was able to identify the driver of the vehicle as Andrew Patrick Keith, 37, of Morgantown, and was able to confirm he was wearing a black tank top and red shorts.

Officers found Keith in the area of Mode Roman Apartments, by the intersection of University Avenue and Water Street.

According to the complaint, officers said Keith was unstable and nodding off as if he was falling asleep.  Keith’s eyes were also bloodshot and glassy, the officers reported.

Keith was arrested and charged with third-offense DUI and DUI involving injuries.  According to the complaint, Keith was charged with a second DUI in October 2014. 

Keith was released from custody after posting a $10,000 bond.

Police did not disclose an estimated amount of damage caused to the vehicles involved.

Mon EMS officials said two people were transported to J.S. Ruby Memorial Hospital by ambulance as a result of the accident, but the severity of their injuries was unknown Monday. 

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