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Westover welcomes two police recruits

Two new officer recruits to the Westover Police Department were officially sworn in Thursday morning in the Westover City Hall council chambers.

“We have two fine young gentlemen,” Chief Joe Adams said of his new rookies, Logan Clingerman and Benjamin Scott, who officially took their oaths before City Clerk Sandra Weis, Chief Adams, Mayor Bob Lucci, family members and other Westover officers.

“We’re excited to have them,” Adams said.  “Hopefully we can get them in the Jan. 5 police academy class.”

Lucci said with several local departments looking to hire new officers and potentially competing for the same people, he was thankful that the officers chose Westover. 

Lucci, a former Morgantown Police chief, also acknowledged the long process of tests and background checks Clingerman and Scott have gone through to get to this point, but reminded them, “this is just the beginning — you have a lot more hoops to go through.”

While they await a new class at the state police academy, Lucci told the duo to stay in shape “because you are going to have to pass a lot more tests.”

“Sharpen your skills and anything you think you need to do to be a good police officer,” he advised.  “You are going to learn a lot here before you even go to the academy. The program will be great. I know other [departments] were in the running for you all, but I’m glad you chose here. Hopefully after you get through the process you are going to realize it was probably the right decision.” 

Clingerman, who has lived in both Westover and Maidsville, said that starting a career in law enforcement has been a long time coming for him after a positive encounter he had with police officers as a child.

“I want to be that positive influence for the next generation of people in the community.  I see this as an opportunity to be that for this community,” he said.  “Westover is special.  It’s a community on the rise.  There is a lot of rebuilding going on and I feel like I can help with that.”

A native of the Waynesburg, Pa., area, Scott said public service is what led him to a law enforcement career.  

“I enjoy serving people and this is an opportunity for me to do that every day,” he said. “Westover has a very personal feel, especially with the leadership staff here, so it really drove me here.”

Adams said even with the addition of Clingerman and Scott, the department has two additional positions still open for officers, but with one officer expected to leave soon, he could take on three more.

The next written exam for those interested in joining Westover PD will be held Aug. 27, Adams said.  For more information on how to apply or the hiring process, visit or call the department at 304-296-6576.

“We got these two and they aren’t going anywhere,” Lucci said.  “And hopefully they will be with us for a good while.”

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