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University High junior wrestler Luca Felix finishes sixth in national tournament

MORGANTOWN — This month, the United States national wrestling meet was held in Fargo, N.D. University High wrestler Luca Felix, the 145-pound West Virginia state champion this past year, competed in the 16U division and finished with a record of 7-3 overall, securing sixth place and making him just the third “Fargo” All-American in school history.

According to UHS head coach Ken Maisel, this tournament has been known to be one of the toughest in the world for wrestlers to compete in. In Felix’s weight class alone, there were over 100 wrestlers, including a former world champion (who finished 4th, just two ahead of Felix).

Felix said while the experience can be very overwhelming, staying focused on his main goal is what he uses to stay collected.

“The experience overall was very electrifying and exciting, just can’t let the atmosphere overwhelm you,” he said. “I just try and remember what I came there to do and stay focused on my goal.”

Last season at UHS, Felix earned a record of 48-1 in the 145 lb. weight class and capped off the year with a state championship. He credits not only his time with UHS and Maisel, but his own family as well for his success.

“Working with UHS and coach Maisel has helped me improve and continue to sharpen my skills on the mat tremendously, with hours of hard drilling and conditioning,” he said. “But my dad (Danny) and Felix Wrestling Academy is the main reason I can step on the mat with full confidence every match regardless of the tournament.”

While Felix didn’t achieve his main goal of winning the Fargo Championships, he said not all was lost as far as his progress and achieving the goals he set for the summer.

“My main goal was to win Fargo and nothing less, so when that was stripped away from me my mindset had to immediately change in that moment and I had to go get the next best thing,” he said. “You wrestle so many matches during this tournament and if you get stuck dwelling on the loss, you’ll never fully recover to bounce back. I’d say I achieved my goals his summer overall. Always work to do and I’ll continue to learn and get better.”

Felix still has two years left in high school and will look to continue his dominance on the prep level. But reaching the pinnacle of wrestling within the state is only the beginning.

“With two years left in my high school career I want to be the No. 1 guy in the country by the end of it,” Felix said. “That’s the main goal that I’ll continue to work toward until it’s achieved. Some of my other goals in high school are to just dominate every match and enjoy it. I know how hard I work so just going out there and letting it all fly.”

Not only has wrestling “been my entire life,” Felix said it’s taught him to handle different emotions life throws at him. He’s experienced the highs and felt the lows and knows that “nothing is ever guaranteed.”

“The most important thing I think I’ve learned from the sport is that no matter how much of your blood, sweat, and tears you put in, nothing is ever guaranteed. It’s a risk you take your whole life to work towards your goals that you may never achieve,” he said.

“But that just drives me to give a little bit more every day.”

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