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Man arrested after weekend altercation with police

A Morgantown man is being charged with two counts of battery on an officer after starting an altercation with two Morgantown police officers on High Street early Saturday morning.

The officers said they were on foot speaking with a food vendor at around 4:09 a.m. and Paul Vincent Wilburn, 54, of Morgantown was sitting near the vendor.

According to officers, at one point Wilburn got up and began walking in an effort to get behind the officers. 

Wilburn then proceeded to attempt to grab one of the officer’s guns, forcing them to push him away. 

Officers said Wilburn returned and struck the officer in the back. 

PFC Webster stated in the criminal complaint after pushing him away to create distance, he saw Wilburn “ball his fists and hit Patrolman LeNeve in the chest.”

Officers said a brief struggle took place as they attempted to gain control of Wilburn, which resulted in him being placed into custody. 

Wilburn was released after posting a $25,000 bond.

The officers said they could not speak to the motive regarding Wilburn’s behavior, only that they responded to his aggressive actions.

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