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Slide into summer with Tygart Adventures

By Jade Ruggieri

Following the country roads to Tygart Lake State Park, there’s untouched beauty of the natural landscapes West Virginia is known for. With 10 miles and 1,750 of clean, fresh mountain water, the lake boasts views in Taylor County.

Partnered with ACE Adventures, Tygart Adventures is open for the summer season until Sept. 5 as an affordable way to cool off with outdoor activities for the whole family. With 25 giant inflatables, children can race to the top of the 14-foot iceberg, jump on the floating trampoline or make a splash from the floating slide. There’s even a “Big Daddy Splash” where children can sit on the toy and have their dad jump on it to launch them into the air, hence the name.

Tygart Adventures opened in spring 2021 and offers a variety of summer fun. Not limited to older kids, Tygart Adventures also has rocking horses and baby toys for the younger ones, so everyone is included.

“We like to say we do adventure right,” Eva Robinson, manager of Tygart Adventures said. “Children come to play, but because we have obstacle courses and climbing inflatables, they get a little bit of everything; it’s not just swimming. We had a 4-year-old come in yesterday, and they were able to do everything.”

For those who do not want to climb the inflatables, Tygart Adventures also has kayaks and paddle boards available for rent to cruise across the lake and a soft, sandy beach to lay out on and soak up some sun.

Everyone is required to wear a life jacket that is provided by Tygart Adventures to ensure safety due to the lake’s various depths and there are always certified lifeguards on watch. For a snack break, the park has limited concessions at the check-in point, but coolers are welcome, too.

With many West Virginia initiatives encouraging people to enjoy the state’s beauty through a healthy and active lifestyle, Tygart Adventures is open seven days a week to encourage a screen-free environment. As a schoolteacher at Grafton High School, Robinson serves as the summer manager because she loves interactions with the public and equally likes seeing children get outside.

“Being a schoolteacher, I see the need for activity and when they [children] come here, they have a good time and don’t realize they’re actually getting a lot of exercise,” Robinson said. “The kids come down and come back up to leave, and you can see they’ve had an awesome time.”

Offering different rates, a half a day at Tygart Adventures is $14 per person and a full day is $18, but for beach swimming only it’s $6. Robinson said Tygart Adventures can have from 200-500 people at one time, so reservations are not required but they are encouraged to ensure a spot at the lake.

“I think people forget about our state parks and how much they have to offer,” Robinson said. “We have people come from Morgantown and other areas, and they say they’ve stumbled upon us. We want people to know that we are here, we encourage you to come here and it is an inexpensive, all-day activity”

To reserve a spot or learn more about Tygart Adventures, visit