Cops and Courts

Woman charged with felony after rock throwing incident in Westover parking lot

Westover Police responded to 403 Holland Ave. on Wednesday after receiving a call about a woman throwing rocks at cars in the parking lot of Frank’s Hot Spot/ Laundromat in Westover.

According to the criminal complaint, Lt. John Morgan II made contact with a female who was on the scene “standing on the sidewalk with a large rock in her hand.”

The officer identified the woman as Connie Newberry, 50, of Hundred.

Morgan stated in the complaint, “Newberry said if I harassed her she was going to bash in my [expletive] head with the rock.”

The officer said she then raised the rock as if she was going to hit him with it.

“I told her to drop it and she started to walk away towards the parking lot,” he said.

Morgan followed and told Newberry if she continued to make threats he was going to OC (pepper spray) her.

The officer said Newberry stopped and turned toward him, so he raised his spray.

Newberry then held the rock towards the officer and said “I’ll hand it to you.”

Morgan told her to just drop it, which she did, enabling the officer to kick the rock away.

The officer said as he approached the woman she once again started walking away, refusing his directions to stop.

Telling her again to stop, the officer grabbed her arm and she jerked away.

Morgan eventually had to hold her against a fence until another unit arrived on scene.

Newberry was taken into custody and charged with attempting to commit a felony offense, but failing to or prevented from committing it.

Lt. Morgan said no one reported any damage to the vehicles in the parking lot.

Newberry was arraigned in Monongalia Magistrate Court and bond was set at $1,500.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 18.

She is being held in North Central Regional Jail.