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Morgantown QB Maddox Bowers prepping for comeback year after MCL injury

MORGANTOWN – After a knee injury that ended his 2021 football season, Morgantown High’s Maddox “Maddog” Bowers is back on the field and back under center and he is aiming to help the Mohigans improve on a 5-6 record last season.

Head coach Sean Biser will begin his third season at MHS, and Bowers knows that this will be a crucial year for the team, specifically the offense, to begin to be more comfortable with the game plan.

“We found our stride toward the end of last year and we found what we like to do scheme wise,” Maddog said. “Injuries made guys step up and play and they played well so now we have a variety of different guys that can be used offensively. Being our third year in the system, we are getting more comfortable in the system with the language and assignments.”

Although the Mohigans found their stride at the end of the season, that did not include Maddox being on the field due to an MCL injury that sidelined him.

“When my injury first happened, we had no idea what the severity was,” said Bowers, reflecting on the injury. “It ended up being a MCL injury and during the time of my rehab I really took time to learn the offense inside and out.”

MHS returns some key starters on both sides of the ball and will also welcome Clay Battelle transfer, Drew Boczek to the team. Boczek plays QB also, but will surely see snaps at wideout as well, giving Bowers and the MHS offense another threat through the air. Boczek says he’s known Maddox for a while now and is excited to be able to work towards the ultimate goal of winning.

“Maddox Bowers is an extremely talented football player. We have known each other for years and even played together when we were younger,” Boczek said of his new teammate. “I learn from him everyday and he couldn’t be more accommodating helping me in the new system.”

As for his time away from the game and from his team, Bowers says he learned to look at everything with a different perspective and to use the time you have on the field wisely.

“I definitely learned that you don’t have a lot of time and how valuable every week is in football,” he said of his time away from the field. “I have a much different perspective going into this year to leave it all on the field and never leave thinking ‘I wish I could’ve done more’ or ‘I really could’ve pushed myself harder’. The athletic trainers and my aunt, who is also a PT, really helped push me to get healthy and get back to normal.”

“My goal is to return Morgantown High back to where it belongs, which is playing in the first week of December and I believe we have a good shot to make a run this year. We’ve got a lot of experience returning and our guys have been putting in the work in the weight room and on the field.”

MHS will travel to the Capitol City to open the season as they visit South Charleston High School, a rematch of last year’s 37-28 loss for the Mohigans.

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