Fleischauer, Oliverio will face off in November for state Senate 13th seat; 2nd District candidates unopposed in primary

MORGANTOWN – A current delegate and former state senator won their respective primary races to face off in the November general election to represent the 13th state Senate District, which runs along the I-68 corridor from Morgantown to Fairmont.

In the 2nd District, the incumbent Republican and Democratic challenger were unopposed and will face each other in the general.

13th District

On the Republican side, former Sen. Mike Oliverio defeated Carly Braun. Oliverio had 4,512 votes (80.41%) to Braun’s 1,099 votes (19.59%).

Oliverio had 2,397 votes in Monongalia County and 2,115 in Marion. Braun had 558 in Mon and 541 in Marion.

On the Democratic side, Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer defeated Rich Jacobs. At deadline, Fleischauer had 5,346 votes (82.5%) to Jacobs’ 1,134 votes (17.5%).

Fleischauer had 3,321 votes in Mon and 2,025 in Marion. Jacobs had 421 in Mon and 713 in Marion.

Oliverio said, “I want to salute Carly Braun. I admire her courage and willingness to run. She’s a fine young person and I wish her well.” He noted that Braun offered to help in the fall. “I’m grateful to have her support.”

He continued, “I certainly want to thank everybody that voted for us. I’m really looking forward to the General Election. It’s my belief democracy works best when voters have a choice. They will have a choice in November. We will do everything we can to help them understand the difference between the candidates.”

Fleischauer said, “I want to thank everyone for voting. I want to thank the voters who supported me. I look forward to talking to more voters as summer progresses into the fall and we have more competition.”

2nd District

The new 2nd District spans three counties and parts of three others, including western Marion and western and northern Mon into Morgantown.

Republican incumbent Charles Clements and Democrat challenger Eric Hayhurst are headed to the general election.

With three of six counties reporting as of deadline, Clements had 3,448 votes and Hayhurst had 3,355.

All results are unofficial pending canvassing.

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