Cops and Courts

Arrest made after law enforcement controlled drug deals

Dwight Anthony Hurd, 36, of Morgantown, is being held at North Central Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond after allegedly conspiring to sell narcotics to confidential police informants several times earlier this year.

According to a criminal complaint, the Mon Metro Drug Task Force began using confidential informants to conduct controlled purchases of suspected heroin from Hurd at the beginning of February.

The task force informant was able to successfully purchase narcotics by contacting Hurd during three separate controlled buys in February.  

According to the complaint, each time the informant contacted Hurd to order drugs they were directed to a specific location in Morgantown and occasionally the location would be changed by Hurd while en route.

The informant was then met by a known conspirator of Hurd who, under Hurd’s direction, the complaint said, would provide the informant with substances in exchange for copied task force funds.

A fourth controlled purchase conducted in March followed the same format, however, the complaint states during the March transaction Hurd met with the informant personally and exchanged suspected crack cocaine for the copied funds.

A final narcotics purchase was done in April where, once again, the informant contacted Hurd and was met by a known co-conspirator coordinated from Hurd to complete the deal.

The complaint said during the purchases the informant ordered heroin four times and cocaine twice.  The substances were tested and the suspected heroin tested positive to contain fentanyl.  The suspected cocaine tested positive for cocaine base.

Based on the controlled purchase information provided by the task force, State Police Sergeant issued warrants for Hurd charging him with four counts of drug conspiracy and one count of delivery of a controlled substance.

Hurd was booked on April 28.  He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 12.