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Tax Department on track with returns ahead of filing deadline


CHARLESTON — As the Internal Revenue Service works to address a backlog of unprocessed tax returns from the last year, state officials in West Virginia say they’re making good process before Monday’s filing deadline.

“The state is a little ahead of last year at this point, but that’s mainly because of the filing practices of taxpayers,” said state Tax Commissioner Matthew Irby.

Irby told MetroNews Thursday the West Virginia State Tax Department has already processed 350,000 or 80% of returns they expect to receive this season.

“We expect to get another 100,000 returns over the next week,” he said.

Last year, the federal government extended the tax filing deadline by one month to May 15. Irby said he believes that’s part of the reason the nation saw a slow down in returns.

“This happens a lot more on a paper-filed return where the computers can’t get the numbers right,” he said.

Irby said the fastest way to get refunded is to file electronically.

“You can do that through an e-file vendor or you can pay that through our state MyTaxes site,” he said.

The most important piece of advice is to not rush through and panic, Irby said.

“Always take your time filing it. Make sure you have all of your documentation ready, prepared and with you,” he said.

Irby said West Virginia taxpayers can request an extension of up to six months.