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Pike Mountain Farm focuses on ethical meat production


When expecting a new baby, many parents feather the nest for the new arrival. Tiffany and Tyler Rice wanted to take it a step further — a bigger nest, with space for a lot of feathered friends (among other livestock).

When Tiffany was pregnant with their first child, the couple became interested in homesteading and ethical meat production.

“We believe it is our responsibility to steward the animals and land with respect the way God intended,” Tiffany said.

In 2015, the couple purchased a 24-acre property in Preston County, easily accessible to a main road and in close proximity to Morgantown. Located at 3351 Kingwood Pike in Reedsville, in an area long called “the mountain” by locals, Tiffany and Tyler christened their farm “Pike Mountain.”

When they first purchased the farm, the couple had limited experience with farming. But they learned quickly, and by 2018 they were able to start supplying sustainably raised meats to customers.

The products offered include chicken, eggs, pork, beef and lamb. The animals are all raised in humane, respectful conditions on the Pike Mountain pastures, unlike factory-farmed livestock that are raised indoors, away from sunlight and grass.

“Not only is this way of farming better for the animal but also for the consumer, providing a nutrient-dense product that tastes great,” Tiffany said. “Our more senior customers often say that our chicken tastes like chicken from their childhood.”

Products can be purchased at the Morgantown Farmers Market (held from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday and every other Saturday thereafter at Mylan Park Extension Office during the winter) or from 4-7 p.m. Thursdays at the farm.

The farm offers a Field-to-Freezer program, a subscription service for customers who want to secure their meat for a three-month period. Customers can pick up subscription boxes either at Gritstone Climbing and Fitness in Sabraton or at the farm. Pickup dates and times can be found on the farm’s website, The subscriptions come in three sizes; Value, Standard and Premium — and contain cuts that are selected by Tiffany and Tyler each month. Buying a subscription can save customers between 5% and 15% off the retail value. Subscriptions, as well as a la carte products, can be purchased through the website.

The Rices pride themselves on transparency.

“We love it when customers visit the farm,” Tiffany said. “They can come walk the pasture and see their food being grown throughout the year.”

Frequent customer Heidi JoPatton has taken advantage of this.

“It has been a pleasure to get to know their family over the past few years and truly know how our meat is raised, which is extremely important to our family,” she said.

The farm also conducts classes for patrons who want a more in-depth look at farming.

“We are planning to offer a farming intensive course this summer. This will focus on how to start a small farm or homestead, how to manage production, and more,” said Tiffany.

For the more adventurous types, the farm hosts hands-on classes on humane butchering techniques taught by The Honest Carnivore, a West Virginia-based meat collective. Information and pricing on those classes can be found at

Beyond responsibly raised meats, Pike Mountain Farm hosts an event called Pickin’ on the Pike.

“It’s a bluegrass, country and gospel music series where the community can enjoy a concert in the fields.” Tiffany Rice said.

The farm will also participate in the Preston County Farm Crawl July 25-26. More information about the annual farm crawl can be found at

“I am so thankful that I discovered Pike Mountain, truly a hidden gem of our area,” Patton said. “I am thankful for their sustainable farming practices and seeing the care that they have for their animals. They are a beautiful asset to our community.”