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Preston Commission gets animal shelter update

The Preston County Animal Shelter took in 551 animals in 2021.

Supervisor Kelley Reel gave Preston’s commissioners an overview of the shelter’s year at the regular Preston County Commission meeting on Tuesday.

The majority of the animals taken in were dogs, with cats being the second most popular. May and March saw the shelter bring in 61 and 60 animals, respectively — the largest totals of the year, Reel said. The majority of animals taken in were strays, 56%; they were mostly dogs.

A total of 576 were taken out of the shelter — with over 50% being adopted out. 

The shelter also picks up animals that are on the side of the road and have been hit by vehicles, Reel said. They are assessed by a vet and if they can’t make it, they are euthanized. 

Fortunately, the shelter has been able to find some of the dead animals’ owners and return their bodies to them for cremation, Reel said. 

“It’s good because then the owner knows; they have a little bit of closure,” Commissioner Don Smith said.

The shelter also built a cattery in 2021, which allows the cats to access an enclosed outdoors area.

Commissioner Dave Price asked how the spay and neuter programs have helped the county.

Reel said the programs are helping and she would hate to see the numbers if they weren’t around.

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